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Company Razzleton HealthCare Limited announces the launch of a new competition!

If you are an active person and you earn with Razzleton company - tell everyone about it!All you need to do is to share your experience of cooperation with Razzleton in a short video
and upload it to the network in any convenient way. The company will pay you for this modest bonus! What kind of bonus? Keep reading to find out!

Contest Rules

Terms of the contest:

Make a video describing how to open a deposit using a payment system or your account balance, or a video showing how to withdraw money from Razzleton.

Write down a video you are creating a deposit or take off video output and receiving money from the company Razzleton.

Upload the video to,, or

The title of the video must include the name of the Razzleton company!

Participating video only created after the beginning of the competition (12.04.2016)

A link to the video you need to send through the form on this page

For every video, we will pay between 5% and 15% of the deposit amount or the sum of the money withdrawn (the minimum withdrawal amount for a video is $10). One user can make any number of videos.

Bonus terms:

- bonuses for videos are paid after verification by administrators, within 48 hours

- bonuses are paid via the payment system used to make the transaction in the video

- bonus amounts are determined by our administrators based on the quality of the videos and are not subject to discussion.

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